Getting our for a run, walk or ride around Lake Wendouree is almost a ritual for people in Ballarat who like to keep active. But what we also know about Ballarat is it is prone to weather extremes – it can snow in winter and scorch in summer. GymBiz Fitness Equipment’s Ballarat fitness equipment repair service can help ensure Ballarat people can get their daily dose of exercise rain, hail or shine in the comfort of home or a gym.

People who own or run gyms, fitness centres and corporate operations with exercise equipment, can all turn to us for a reliable and expert Ballarat exercise equipment repair service. On a rainy or scorching day, people will be looking for their best indoor option to exercise and if you have minimal breakdowns and reliable machines, people will turn to you.

GymBiz Fitness Equipment’s Ballarat treadmill maintenance, and Ballarat treadmill repair services will have these popular cardio machines ready for action. And our overall fitness equipment repairs and Ballarat gym equipment servicing will have your elliptical cross-trainers, exercise bikes and other gym equipment covered.