Also services Ballarat and Geelong

At GymBiz Fitness Equipment, our exercise equipment repair expertise is not limited to elliptical machines, treadmills and exercise bikes. We specialise in Melbourne gym equipment servicing and repairs including cable-driven machines and multi-station gyms.

The key parts of traditional gym equipment such as weight benches and cable-driven machines and stations should be routinely checked and maintained. These parts include basically anything movable such as pulleys, cables and anything else that affects operation of the machine. GymBiz Fitness Equipment’s technicians are specialists in identifying issues as well as gym equipment repairs and servicing.

We recommend equipment users and owners inspect machines weekly, checking nuts and bolts on benches and frames, cables and pulleys,¬†and the general condition and cleanliness of all fitness equipment. If you identify problems that a good cleaning or dusting won’t fix, then call GymBiz Fitness Equipment to have one of our mobile technicians come to you across Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. Whether you need gym equipment repairs or gym equipment servicing, we have the experience and knowledge to have your fitness machines operating at their best.

To ensure that malfunctions or damage is a rare occurrence, we offer periodic gym equipment maintenance. At GymBiz Fitness Equipment, we recommend our maintenance service for all types of machines. Elliptical machine, exercise bike and treadmill maintenance is crucial to prolong the life of expensive gym equipment, and to avoid inconvenient and costly malfunctions.