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Exercise bikes can provide almost all the benefits of conventional cycling but shielded from the weather. Users also get an effective cardio workout with less risk of injury and a range of features and workout possibilities, settings and resistance levels. At GymBiz Fitness Equipment, we can ensure this handy exercise equipment is always in best possible working order with our Melbourne exercise bike repairs and servicing.

Unfortunately, exercise bikes are not invincible and won’t last forever, which would be nice considering they can be expensive. There is a range of reasons you might need to call upon our specialist and mobile gym equipment repair technicians across Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. Knowing how to repair an exercise bike is not a requirement when owning one. There are common problems which might arise with your machine that are best dealt with by an expert.

An issue that can commonly arise with stationary exercise bikes is electronic display failure. Unless there is a simple solution such as loose cables or incorrect setup, your best option is to contact us at GymBiz Fitness Equipment. Our fitness equipment repair technicians are no strangers to an issue like display failure and unless the system is a write-off, we will be able to fix the problem. We have been in the gym equipment repair game for around 15 years, and we also specialise in treadmill maintenance and treadmill repairs, as well as elliptical machines and other gym equipment.

Noisy pedals can also be a common ailment requiring exercise bike repairs. Pedal problems can be minor in nature or complicated, and if you are unsure, then your best option is to call GymBiz’s fitness equipment repair specialists. Wearing drive belts, malfunctioning resistance and inconsistent heart-rate readings are all among the most frequent exercise bike repair issues we solve.

At GymBiz Fitness Equipment, our mobile technicians will come to you across Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat for all of your exercise bike repair needs. However, if you want to ensure minimal repairs and ongoing costs, we recommend scheduling ongoing maintenance of your fitness equipment.