Service area also includes Ballarat and Geelong

Elliptical trainers, also known as cross trainers, are low-impact exercise machines which simulate aerobic movements such as walking, running and stair climbing. At GymBiz Fitness Equipment we are experts in elliptical machine service and repairs, ensuring your investment in these popular fitness products doesn’t become a waste or ongoing expense.

As popular and effective as elliptical machines can be, they will have their issues like anything else. Whether the machine won’t change settings or resistance, is constantly beeping, or won’t even turn on, GymBiz Fitness Equipment’s elliptical machine repair service can take care of it. Our mobile technicians are trained in elliptical machine repairs and servicing, and will come to you across Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat. We also offer elliptical machines for hire as part of our fitness equipment hire service.

More advanced elliptical machines can be quite pricey. Therefore, elliptical trainers can be quite an investment for most people and you want to minimise ongoing and add-on costs wherever you can. By having GymBiz Fitness Equipment carry out periodical servicing or routine fitness equipment maintenance, you can prolong your machine’s life and save extra long-term costs.

Whether you have an elliptical machine at home, or you run a gym or personal training business, GymBiz Fitness Equipment can travel to your Melbourne, Geelong or Ballarat location for repairs and servicing. With the fitness craze continuing to spread, the last thing you want is out-of-order gym equipment. Our prompt and professional service can ensure your elliptical machines remain in the best possible condition, maximise their lifespan and minimise break downs.

We also specialise in treadmill maintenance and treadmill repairs, as well as exercise bikes and other gym equipment repairs, including cable driven weight machines. Contact us today for specialist fitness equipment repairs and servicing.