Our service area also includes Ballarat and Geelong

Playing basketball is a fun way to get your daily dose of exercise, and even better when you can ‘shoot hoops’ at home. If you’re a basketballer, or you have one in your family, having a basketball system at your property can be a great way to keep fit and hone your skills. GymBiz Fitness Equipment can install both portable and in-ground basketball systems across Melbourne, Ballarat and Geelong.

We specialise in Spalding and Goalrilla basketball system installation, both popular brands in the market. Spalding and Gorilla entrust us with installing systems for their customers by referring them directly to GymBiz Fitness Equipment. Prominent sports equipment chain Rebel Sport also refer their customers to us for basketball system installation across Geelong, Melbourne and Ballarat.

As with fitness equipment maintenance, unless you have the skills and know-how, basketball system installation can be tricky. But for GymBiz Fitness Equipment, it’s a breeze. Even if you get the equipment home and unsuccessfully attempt to install it, contact us and we will come to you and ensure your new basketball system is up and running in no time.